Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Most surgeries take a week or two for recovery. Staying healthy during that time is your top priority. From breast augmentation to tummy tucks, liposuction to a “buttock lift,” rhinoplasty to eyelid surgery, our trained team is there to support your optimal healing by maintaining the delicate balance between too much activity and not enough, too much medication and not enough. (Even something as simple as opening a jar or lifting a grocery bag can tear delicate tissues and cause a setback.)

We handle the tasks that you should avoid. Plus, we make sure you cross critical milestones in recovery and ensure that someone is there to address an emergency if one begins to develop. You should not be alone.

And then there’s the emotional recovery.
The choice to have cosmetic surgery involves a natural desire to feel more confident, improve appearance, and increase self-esteem. Because our looks are such an intimate part of our identity, postsurgery doubts are common and to be expected. Emotional support and social discretion are paramount for a comfortable and successful healing process.

Some procedures require only three days for a full recovery. Others may take two to three weeks.
Let our trained and compassionate nurses and caregivers stand beside you and safeguard a healthy recovery.

You receive discreet and personalized care.
Our 24/7 presence ensures someone is there for you in the first critical 72 hours, as well as in the following days, until it is safe for you to resume normal activities. We help you stay on track with the doctor’s recommendations, and we make sure that everything is progressing as expected.

  • We monitor for infections.
  • We wake you to take medicines on time.
  • We help you get to the bathroom and back without falling.
  • We make sure you get enough nutrition for optimal healing.
  • We prepare meals and run errands so you don’t experience a setback.

All you have to do is get stronger.

For more information about our cosmetic nursing service, give us a call at 631-880-6321.