Palliative support and end-of-life care

While hospice and palliative care can do a lot to assist families coping with a loved one’s terminal condition, they do not provide 24/7 support. That’s where we come in! Our nursing and caregiving staff have experience working with frail patients who are near the end of life. From comfort measures to personal care and emotional support, they have a deep understanding of the tender last months of life.

We can provide services such as

  • 24/7 caregivers for the physical side of care so you as a family can focus on the emotional side of the process, making lasting memories with your loved one
  • a private duty nurse to administer IV palliation and other pain control measures
  • coordination of alternative practitioners so your loved one can receive music therapy, aromatherapy, and other integrative healing arts to ease their journey

Augment the services of the hospice and palliative care team with professionals dedicated to your loved one’s comfort and emotional well-being. With the proper support, there’s no place like home. Give us a call at 631-880-6321.