Private Duty Nursing on Long Island

You want the best for your relative. We do too!

Whether your loved one needs help managing a chronic condition or is in the hospital or rehab and could use extra support to offset the staffing shortage, our private duty nursing is just the service you need.

There are times when the one-on-one attention of a paid medical professional can make a huge difference.

Let’s make sure your relative has the best care available. Give us a call at 631-880-6321.

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Managing chronic conditions

If your loved one has a condition such as COPD or heart failure, you are all too familiar with the periodic flares that result in a trip to the Emergency Room. By hiring a private duty nurse, however, you can avoid these crises. Registered nurses are trained to monitor signs of a flare and to implement strategies early to avert the need to go to the hospital.

Are you dealing with diabetes? Our home nurses can monitor blood sugar and give injections as needed.

These are just some of the many ways our home nursing service can provide better care to your loved one and peace of mind for you.

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Avoiding skilled nursing facilities

Did you know that with the proper support at home, your relative might be able to have a hip replacement as an outpatient and avoid a stint in rehab altogether? You can eliminate the risk of hospital-acquired infections such as pneumonia or MRSA. Plus, they get to eat the food they are used to, visit with family easily, and have their needs attended to promptly. (The caregiver shortage is very real, resulting in notoriously bad staffing ratios in skilled nursing facilities.)

With our home nursing service, hospitalized patients can often be discharged directly to home. Who wouldn’t want to skip the nursing home if they could?

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Support in the hospital

Did you know that hospitalized patients spend 80 percent of their time in bed? For older adults, it takes only two days to start losing muscle mass. In fact, 65 percent of older adults who go into the hospital able to walk on their own are not able to do so when they leave. But walking as little as four times a day can reverse this trend. In one study, people who got up and walked early and frequently during their hospital stay were able to leave the hospital thirty-six hours sooner than those who did not participate in the walking program.

This is one of many ways that our private duty nurses can help your loved one make a speedy and comfortable recovery. Getting warm blankets, interceding for better sleep, getting them promptly to the bathroom when they need it: All these little tasks add up to greater comfort, less stress, and quicker healing.

Hospitals are tremendously understaffed these days. If you want to be sure your relative gets the best chance for a solid recovery, consider our private duty hospital support service. Give us a call at 631-880-6321.

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