Travel Nursing

Coming for a summer in the Hamptons?
Need help moving back afterwards?

Family traditions are important! And spending time in a beloved summer home does wonders for the spirit, as does the ability to visit with family and old friends.

If you are concerned about a frail relative, let us provide the assistance that is needed to seamlessly get them to Long Island for the summer and established with the home care and medical support they are used to in their other home. They should not have to suffer setbacks because of a change of location. And when it’s time to move back, we provide the same assistance going in the other direction.

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Travel assistance

Does the journey to Long Island seem a bit daunting, given your relative’s health? Perhaps they have dementia and can no longer travel on their own. Or a medical condition that requires careful monitoring. It may be that renting an RV and traveling north by land is better than a flight. Our staff can help you assess the best mode of transportation and then provide private duty nursing or a private caregiver to travel with your relative here to Long Island. (And at the end of the summer, we can easily reverse the process.)

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Medical advocacy

Has there been a new diagnosis this year? Is your loved one undergoing chemo or some other long-term treatment? Let us help you get established with the best providers here in Suffolk and Nassau counties. Our private duty nurses can take your relative to and from treatment and advocate for the care your family is used to receiving back “home.” A trip to Long Island does not have to mean going backwards with care. Let us help the current providers transfer records to their Long Island counterparts and ensure treatments continue according to your relative’s wishes and goals of care.

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Home care assistance

Do you have caregivers at home in the winter months who won’t be able to accompany you to Long Island for the summer? No problem. We’ll get you situated with home caregivers who can step into that role quite smoothly.

Or maybe your at-home caregiver can travel, but you need to pay them differently once on Long Island. Household employee laws in New York differ from those in other states. New York employer law is our specialty.

Give us a call at 631-880-6321.


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